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Big news! Cool Japan Guide is available for pre-order!

Thursday, January 1st, 2015


Big news! The book I’ve been working on over the last few years, Cool Japan Guide: Fun in the Land of Manga, Lucky Cats and Ramen, is available for pre-order right now! The official release date is March 10th 2015, and I’ll be on tour this year for it, so let me know if I should come to your town! This is my first non-fiction book and also my first full-color book. It’s a fun, fully-illustrated, cartoon guide to traveling in Japan and features amusing stories and anecdotes as well. Whether you’re planning a trip to Japan or not, this is a fun read!

You can pre-order from NY indie store McNally Jackson here! Plus, here’s a B&N link and here’s an Indiebound link. You can pre-order it from Powell’s too. And Amazon has it too of course (link below)!

Exclusive Robicelli’s Comic!

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Hurray! The Robicelli’s book, Robicelli’s: A Love Story, with Cupcakes: With 50 Decidedly Grown-Up Recipes, is out now! I thought it would be fun to share these comic pages I collaborated on with Allison when the book was in the pitching stage. These pages are not in the book, but I think they’ll give you a good idea of the fun tone of the book!



Apexing – Advice for Increasing Productivity in Comics and Life in General

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Hey Everybody! I’ve been quite busy lately working on some freelance jobs and a new graphic novel (details to be announced at a future date).

Since I’m back on a book deadline now, I’ve been thinking about productivity and best ways to get a lot of pages done in the limited time I have. As all cartoonists know, comics take a long time to produce. Typically, a cartoonist must tackle writing, penciling, inking, coloring, and even more extra tasks. A lot of steps! Often I get asked about how I make time to get my comics and blogging projects done since I do those things in addition to a full-time job. I’ve come upon an approach that I wanted to share since I think it would be helpful for others (whether you’re a cartoonist or not). (more…)

Kaigai Manga Festa 2013!

Saturday, October 5th, 2013


Matt Loux and I will be exhibiting again at Kaiga Manga Festa this year! If you are in the Tokyo area, please check out this amazing festival! It is October 20th at Tokyo Big Sight in conjunction with Comitia. We will be in the Artist Alley, sharing tables with Yuuko Koyama and Brian Stone!


Big Feminist BUT Party July 8th!

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

It’s been far too long since I’ve appeared at a New York comics event, so I’m especially pleased to announce the release party for The Big Feminist BUT anthology comic! I’m extra excited that it will be at Housing Works. Such a great store! I’ll be there with Shannon O’Leary and Joan Reilly, also Heidi MacDonald and contributors Lauren Weinstein, Gabrielle Bell, Josh Neufeld, Sari Wilson, and Emily Flake! Here is the Facebook event page.

Monday, July 8th 7pm @ Housing Works Bookstore Cafe – 126 Crosby St, New York, New York 10012

Pre-order the Robicelli’s Book!

Monday, June 24th, 2013

You may recall a while ago, that I was collaborating on the upcoming Robicelli’s book, Robicelli’s: A Love Story, with Cupcakes: With 50 Decidedly Grown-Up Recipes. And now it’s available for pre-order! I had a blast drawing Allison’s script for some recipe comics. This book is going to be hilarious and packed with great recipes! Learn the secret to their amazing buttercream frosting!

Powerpuff Girls Back in Print!

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Here’s some fun news! One of my licensed comics will be back in print soon from IDW. They announced a new Powerpuff Girls mini-series and will also be reprinting my work in Powerpuff Girls Classics Volume 1: Power Party!

Highliner Map Comics!

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

I recently finished a cool new project, drawing comics and illustrations for HPGRP Gallery’s HIGHLINER! The HIGHLINER is a neighborhood culture guide for the Chelsea & Meatpacking District of New York City. It was interesting to write a short story about characters enjoying the area and to interpret some of the famous local architecture too. It is available for free at HPGRP gallery (529 W 20th St #2w, NYC ) and various shops in the area. So if you see it grab it! Here are some pictures ^_^


Comics and Highlights of 2012!

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Hope everybody had a great 2012! It was a landmark year for me – I got married! Also, it was my year of most travel yet, with a January trip to France for the Angoulême comics festival followed up with a side-trip to Belgium with my cartoonist friend Yuuko Koyama, who came all the way from Japan to join me for the adventure! Then, my book Dolltopia had a Spanish edition come out in May, so I planned a visit to Madrid and Barcelona for the occasion. 2012’s travels wound up with a 2-week honeymoon in Japan. I love to travel (and of course eat the great food on my travels) so lots of these comics are travel oriented. Enjoy!


Kaigai Manga Festa Report!

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Matt and I are back from our honeymoon and I’m finally getting some time to start writing about our amazing trip to Japan!  We went for two weeks, visiting Fukuoka, Nara, Osaka, and Tokyo. A highlight of our Tokyo trip was exhibiting in the Artist Alley of Kaigai Manga Festa (seems like their site is being updated now, but here is the official twitter), the first ever international comics show in Japan which was put on in conjunction with the quarterly indie comic event, Comitia! Originally, we were going to exhibit with our friend Yuuko Koyama at Comitia as I had done in the past (full post on that here), but when the Festa was announced we felt we should be there to represent our aspect of American comics. Luckily we were able to get a table and it worked out great! (more…)