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Amazing Spider-Man Family #6 on shelves now!

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

My next Spider-Ma’am adventure will be on the stands this Wed. May 20th featuring art by Adam Dekraker! Keep an eye out for it!


Amazing Spider-Man Family #4 Out Now! Newsarama review!

Monday, February 23rd, 2009


Amazing Spider-Man Family #4 is on the stands, featuring another installment of my Amazing Spider-Ma’am with art by Colleen Coover! Don’t miss it! You can see a bit of lovely art Colleen did of Aunt May’s new nemesis : Edna Blackquill at her site here. Edna is debuting in this issue!

Update! Newsarama, gave us a great review! Link here!

Here’s a snippet:
“Writer Abby Denson crafts a witty and creative take on Aunt May …These playfully droll stories allow Aunt May to step away from the frail, ready-to-keel-over-in-a-heartbeat old biddy, to become a more confident, smart, heroic Golden Girl…
Filled with slapstick humor and sweetness to spare this story, drawn with the deft hand of Colleen Coover (who only seems to get better and better with each assignment), offers a wonderful new take on a classic, iconic Marvel character that is a clever and sweet breath of fresh air.”