Tough Love and Dolltopia E-books Are Now Available!


I’m excited to announce that my graphic novels, Dolltopia and Tough Love: High School Confidential, are now available as e-books! They are being distributed by Northwest Press and Tough Love is now also available on Comixology and Pulp Free Publishing. They will both be made available at other vendors in the coming months. Read below for more info on each book.


Inspired by shounen-ai manga—melodramatic Japanese comics by girls about gay boys—Tough Love is a teen romance and coming-out story about a shy boy named Brian.  Socially relevant, fun, immediately accessible, and a bit of a soap opera, Tough Love helps gay teenagers to be more comfortable with themselves and less troubled, especially when they’re feeling alone and misunderstood.

“Abby Denson’s teen romance has the simplicity and heart of a secret love note on lined composition paper.”—Howard Cruse

“Abby Denson is a pioneer . . . doing something that few others have even thought of doing.”—Manga News

Publishers Weekly
“Derived from Japanese boys’ love comics (yaoi/shonen-ai), this tells the story of Brian, a newcomer to his suburban high school, and his budding romance with Chris, a classmate. Denson substitutes reality for romance, confronting issues of adolescent homosexuality with a self-conscious sincerity. Often times, the boys are suspended between cold reality, as when the jocks in the school assault Brian, and bliss, when Chris and Brian are able to act as a couple. Denson’s jagged illustration evokes a punk rock aesthetic that harkens back to the anti-establishment sentiment of adolescence…”


Dolltopia has garnered an International Manga Award and a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award!
From the moment Kitty, a ballerina doll, is assembled in the Doll Factory, she questions her existence. She ends up in a suburban home where a little girl plays domestic games with her and Soccer Scotty, a male doll happy with the status quo. The restless Kitty escapes, along the way meeting Army Jim, a military action figure. He’s heading for Dolltopia, where dolls have created their own society, separate from humans. She joins him on the journey and the biggest adventure of their lives! They give themselves makeovers, meet a helpful black cat and other free-thinking dolls, lead a raid on the Doll Factory, and Kitty undergoes plastic surgery by Dolltopia’s mysterious Doctor. Just as she’s getting settled in, Soccer Scotty tracks her down. Things get even worse when a human discovers Dolltopia! Acclaimed graphic novelist Abby Denson brings her trademark manga and punk-inflected style to this imaginative graphic novel.