Comics and Highlights of 2012!

Hope everybody had a great 2012! It was a landmark year for me – I got married! Also, it was my year of most travel yet, with a January trip to France for the Angoul√™me comics festival followed up with a side-trip to Belgium with my cartoonist friend Yuuko Koyama, who came all the way from Japan to join me for the adventure! Then, my book Dolltopia had a Spanish edition come out in May, so I planned a visit to Madrid and Barcelona for the occasion. 2012’s travels wound up with a 2-week honeymoon in Japan. I love to travel (and of course eat the great food on my travels) so lots of these comics are travel oriented. Enjoy!

Cafe de Copain in Shibuya has killer scones!

NYC fave Wafels and Dinges got the comic treatment this year!

The Godiva SWEET party at the NYC Wine and Food Festival was fantastic as usual!

I got to see what all the fuss was about with NYC newcomer Dominique Ansel Bakery!

This comic shares my love for the amazing (and gigantic) cookies at City Cakes!

There are so many lovely sweets and bites to enjoy in Spain!

Illustration of my father and I (as cats) having tapas in a plaza in Madrid.

I visited the Neuhaus flagship shop in NYC. Recommended!

Choice Eats was great as ever!

I had the opportunity to take a chocolate dessert lesson from Francois Payard as part of the New York Culinary Experience!

I visited Belgium for the first time. Loved it!

I got to taste so much lovely cheese in France!

So much lovely cheese…

Happy New Year!