Dolltopia wins 4th International Manga Award!


Today it was announced that Dolltopia won a Bronze 4th International Manga Award! This is such a huge honor for me. A manga-inspired cartoonist can’t ask for more validation than this “Nobel Prize of manga” from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I want to send my heartfelt thanks to all of my wonderful family members, friends, fellow artists, editors, publishers, and supporters who were behind my vision from the beginning. Full press release below!

January 12, 2011

For Immediate Release – Abby Denson’s Dolltopia wins 4th International Manga Award!

Green Candy Press is proud to announce that Abby Denson’s graphic novel Dolltopia has received a Bronze International Manga Award!

The International Manga Award – the “Nobel Prize of manga” was created by Former Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso to encourage non-Japanese manga artists the world over. The Committee comprises the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the President of the Japan Foundation, and the members of the special committee for pop culture of the Council on the Movement of People Across Borders. (Full list of winners and further award details attached.)

This honor, coming closely after Dolltopia’s win of the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, drives home the universality of Dolltopia’s themes. Abby’s comics explore issues of identity, individuality and making a mark within a society that seeks to sterilize and monopolize.

Dolltopia is the story of Kitty, a ballerina doll forced into a not-so-happily-ever-after living arrangement with a male jock toy. Filled with discontent, Kitty takes it upon herself to escape her human-imposed domesticity and create a new life and a new image for herself away from the persecution of the human world. On this mission, she finds not only a host of like-minded individuals, but a safe haven for the unique doll: Dolltopia.

A Dolltopia web preview, cover images, and downloadable press release are available at this link:

Author interviews and review copies available upon request.

Dolltopia is Distributed by PGW, Last Gasp, and Turnaround. Available at bookstores everywhere and online at

Abby Denson will be making appearances in Europe January and February. January 26-29th she will be at France’s Angoulême Comics Festival, and following that she has a reading at Amsterdam’s American Book Center on February 3rd.

The 4th International MANGA Awards

Gold Award winner:
Si loin et si proche…(Belgium) Xiao Bai

Silver Awards winners:
Face cachée (France) Olivier Martin , Sylvain Runberg
La Isla sin Sonrisa (Spain) Enrique Fernández
“The story begins with …” (Thailand) Verachai Duangpla

Bronze Awards winners:
Dolltopia (America) Abby Denson
Kylooe (Belgium) Little Thunder
Pandora Book (Thailand) Akekarat Milintapas
The Little Polar bear (Taiwan) Chang Fung-Chih
The Passionate Sword (Taiwan) Yeh Yu Tung and Syu Shu Hao
Samurai (Belgium) Frédéric Genet and France’s Jean-François Di Giorgio

The 4th International MANGA Award Executive Committee
Executive Committee Chairman: Mr.Seiji Maehara, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan

Committee Members
Mr. Kazuo Ogura, President of the Japan Foundation;
Mr. Yasuki Hamano, Professor, The University of Tokyo;
Mr. Kotaro Sugiyama, Director, Dentsu Inc.;
Mr. Osamu Kamei, Director, Shogakukan Inc.;
Ms. Saya Shiraishi, Professor, The University of Tokyo

Jury President: Ms. Machiko Satonaka (MANGA artist)
Members: Mr. Monkey Punch (MANGA artist), Mr. Takao Yaguchi (MANGA artist), Mr. Yoriaki Yakubo (former MANGA magazine editor),
Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshitome (former MANGA magazine editor)

Primary Selection Committee
Committee Members: Jusshakai (Akita Publishing Co., Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Kodansha Ltd., Shueisha Inc., Shogakukan Inc., Shonen-gahosha Co., SHINCHOSHA Publishing Co., Hakusensha Inc., Futabasha Publishers Ltd., LEED Publishing Co.)

Trophy – Since the 1st International MANGA Award, the trophy has been designed by Mr. Taku Sato.