Moto Hagio and Dolltopia!


Here’s something really exciting that just happened! Japanese Professor Fusami Ogi of Chikushi Jogakuen University had been in contact with me as she has been researching women in comics worldwide. She had invited me for a conference Dec. 19th which would include shoujo manga legend Moto Hagio. Schedule-wise, it didn’t work out for me to attend, but I was asked to write an essay about my favorite work from Hagio’s collection, A Drunken Dream as part of the presentation. I submitted my essay which was translated and read by Fusami at the presentation to a very positive response and Moto Hagio was presented with a copy of Dolltopia too! So I did get to participate, if from a distance. This was far and beyond my expectations, I never thought I’d get to participate in an event with this manga trailblazer, and am truly beside myself! Thank you Fusami and Moto Hagio for this amazing opportunity! I only hope I can be there in person to visit with you next time. Fusami sent me this photo of herself, Moto Hagio (with Dolltopia!), and her mother, sister, and father which I am posting with their permission. Truly, I am honored!