My home stay in Japan


For my trip to Japan I stayed with Yuuko’s family in a suburb of Tokyo. It was about a 15 minute walk to the nearest train, luckily the weather was usually nice Fall weather and there were interesting things to look at as I walked. The neighborhood is very hilly, kind of like San Francisco.


Shrine at the local park.


Cute garden on the way to the train station.


Another garden shot.


Path through the park to the station.


Multilevel bike parking garage. This seems like something we could use in NYC!


Ste-chan! This is the family cat named after Stephen Malkmus from Pavement. Funny! He is really thin with a bushy tail and full of energy!


This is the yummy sukiyaki Yuuko’s Mom made us on my first night there. So good! It cooks on the burner and more ingredients (beef, scallions, noodles, mushrooms, and tofu) were added as the cooked ones were taken out and eaten. Thanks to Yuuko and her family for their hospitality!