Cupcakes at Elfsar comics in Vancouver, BC!


I’m having so much fun in Vancouver! The weather turned out to be sunny and gorgeous for most of the weekend and the foliage is so beautiful! I am definitely glad I did this tour in Autumn.


That’s me with some of the cupcakes we got from Cupcakes for the Elfsar comics event. They were very good, moist and a good frosting/cake balance. We got the flavors Diva (chocolate cake with pink frosting) and  Lava Flow (chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and raspberry jelly).


It was a fun and unique event, since it was on Halloween lots of people were in costume and the store ran it as a Free Comic Book Day along with a benefit for the Food Bank. Tons of kids came and fun was had by all!


We also shopped around a bit and photographed these pralines at Daniel le Chocolat Belge. And for Halloween night we saw Suspiria on the big screen and cruised Granville St. enjoying everybody’s costumes!


More cupcakes at Cupcakes!