The Case of the Stolen Dolltopias!


I’m writing this post on the chance it may help other people who this could happen to. Friday night, while I was signing books at the Rocketship party (Party report here!) a box of my author copies of Dolltopia was stolen from my doorstep! My uncle had dropped them off for me an hour before I got home (because I had my publisher ship them to my uncle’s doorman building), when I got home they were gone. My doorstep is on the side of the building’s front stairs and not visible from the street. The thief would have had to go past our gate (a low gate with no lock), up our walkway, and to the side of the front stairs to even see the box. I’ve had things dropped off there with no incident before, but obviously won’t risk it again after this. I was stunned and felt devastated, I’d never been robbed before. The books would have no value to a thief who was probably hoping for something like a TV or computer and was stuck with a heavy box of graphic novels! That could have been the end of it, but the next day I took a chance and called around to several local book stores in case the thief had tried to sell them. It turns out he tried to sell them to a local used bookstore (Pranga Books, to whom I am very grateful! Also a shout out goes to the folks at Heights Books who suggested I call Pranga!) and when the owner questioned him on where he got the books, the guy ran away, leaving the books at the store. I have them back now and am so happy I was able to resolve it myself and get the books back less than 24 hours after the robbery! This morning I went to file a police report and they were not very helpful. I had to insist to file the report! Since I had my property back, they said it wasn’t necessary but I wanted to be sure the incident was recorded. So after some pressing, they let me file one. They said I should have called them when I got the books back but I had to rush to my GRNY signing (Party report here!) right after I got them, so this was my first free moment to do it. What a crazy weekend!