Cupcake Tour – Cake Love at SPX!


The Dolltopia Cupcake Tour was kicked off this weekend at Small Press Expo in North Bethesda, Maryland! After researching I found only one nearby bakery that would deliver, which was a necessity at this tour stop. So Cake Love it was!

Cake Love has a very easy to use online ordering system, but they are a bit pricey (it is a $70 delivery charge for a weekend delivery and the cupcakes are about $3 each). The cupcakes were average sized and I ordered three types. Red Velvet and a Vanilla and Chocolate Combo Pack which had 6 vanilla with buttercream and 7 chocolate with chocolate buttercream. The cakes on all of them were firm with a spongy texture, and not dry at all (which in my opinion is the worst of cupcake problems). I found the chocolate flavor wasn’t strong enough to my taste and the Red Velvet cake was light in color and wasn’t strongly flavored either. The frosting was good on all of cupcakes, though I noticed the frostings on the Red Velvet (a good cream cheese frosting) and the Chocolate melted much quicker than the frosting on the Vanilla. Shockingly I think the Vanilla may have been my fave which is totally out of character, but there you have it! Looking forward to the rest of the tour ^_^ This week I’m doing events back in NYC and have my sites set on baked and Chikalicious! Click for my full tour schedule here!


The Chocolate and Vanilla pack.


Red Velvets!


Here’s a psychedelic shot of me at SPX, you can see the cupcakes on the table. Fun show!