Blogiversary Party Pics!


Last night’s City Sweet Tooth first blogiversary party at Tekserve was so amazing! I’m still recovering, but I want to share photos from various friends and participants!

(photo by Niko of Dessert Buzz)
Luxee designed a custom macaron just for the party! Kir Royal flavor with glitter on top. Yes! Chef Yoshie also showed off her amazing sugar sculpting skills!



(Chef Yoshie of Luxee and her sugar sculpture- photo by Stephen Chiu)


(photo of ChikaLicious cupcakes by Stephen Chiu)


(photo of Heaven’s Pecan Bars by Niko of Dessert Buzz)


(photo of Wine Cellar Sorbets by Niko of Dessert Buzz)


Attendees checking out the amazing Vere Chocolates as a shark looms overhead!

Here are some pre-party shots in Tekserve’s seminar room. Myself and DJ Adam Dekraker and Pete Wu!


Here I am with chocolate babes, Kathy Moskal of Vere and Jackie Gordon of Divalicious Chocolate!


(both above photos by Brandi Taylor)

Preparing to moderate!


A shot of part of the Q and A panel by Niko (Dessert Buzz). From left to right: Christina Seid (Chinatown Ice Cream Factory), Kathy Moskal (Vere), Jackie Gordon ( Divalicious Chocolate),bloggers Blondie and Brownie, and myself!


and here’s the rest of the panel from left to right: Niko (Dessert Buzz) ,Christina Seid (Chinatown Ice Cream Factory), and Kathy Moskal (Vere).


Ravishing food bloggers Blondie and Brownie! (it’s actually Brownie on the left and Blondie on the right in case you were wondering))


After the Q and A we did a raffle with prizes including gift certificates for Chinatown Ice Cream Factory , Jacques Torres chocolates, Johnny Iuzzini’s book Dessert Fourplay (autographed!), and an ipod shuffle! I had a blast reading off the raffle tickets! (photo below by Russ Turk)

At the end everybody got gift bags! Including Tekserve tote bags, Edible Manhattan, Edible Brooklyn, The L Magazine, Maple Bacon Lollipops from Roni-Sue, chocolate bark from Divalicious, City Sweet Tooth pins, and these beautiful candy bags from Oh! Nuts!


Thanks to Tekserve for hosting the event and all of the artisans and magazines for making it so special! It’s been an amazing year with an amazing party to match!