Great Spider-Ma’am review on Newsarama!

Check it out!

Here’s a snippet:

“… for me the bright spot of this mixed-pot of Spidey tales always comes from the super fun, super cartoony Spider-Man adventures. This time around we get the great, delightfully sweet “The Amazing Spider-Ma’am,” a tale that dares ask – and answers – the never before explored question; “what if frail, old Aunt May put on the Spider-Man costume and fought crime?”

Written by indie comic sensation Abby Denson, with art by the always playfully talented Colleen Coover, this cutesy, slapsticky story is just pure, comic book goodness. How come no one has ever thought of giving Aunt May a heroic moment in the sun? Sure, she’s had plenty of everyday, non-superheroy heroic moments in her long career, but to my knowledge this is the first time we’ve seen her step up to the plate and actually take down criminals – all while sporting her nephew’s costume.”