Fun times!

I went to the WFMU record fair today. if you get the chance I recommend it. It’s held every fall and in addition to the records and CDs for sale there are performances. Somehow for me the highlight is always the AV Lounge where they screen rarities and pop strangeness. For instance a few years ago they screened The Apple, a crazy futuristic rock musical. It’s tough to describe but if you like campiness you must see it! Today I had a few treats, first I caught the tail end of a collection of bubblegum videos, just in time for Yummy Yummy! Love that bubblegum pop and it was neat to see the videos. Then I saw The Beaver Trilogy, another one that must be seen to be believed. It’s a trilogy of movies: first a documentary, then two shorts one starring young Sean Penn, one starring young Crispin Glover about a guy in a small Utah town who impersonates Olivia Newton-John. If you get the chance you must see this film! It was simultaneously funny and mortifying and wonderful. Plus seeing Crispin and Sean Penn do Olivia Newton-John impressions (or rather portraying someone doing that) is awesome. They both did great jobs, I thought! Then we got treated to an episode of Wild Record Collection, a Manhattan public access show by my dear friends Tony and Ron. It’s basically stuffed animals dancing to awesome vinyl records and is a total hoot. Coincidentally this episode featured Xanadu! Something tells me I’ll be dreaming of Olivia Newton-John tonight. They also screened Ghoul A Go-Go, another great show, but I had a hair appointment so couldn’t stay.