Meatpacking Uncorked – NYC Wine and Food Fest -updated!


(I just updated this with photos I took today)

While I am not a big wine drinker there was still some food enjoyment to be had at this event. The opportunity to check out the many chichi boutiques in a festive atmosphere was definitely attractive. The best one by far was Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor! I loved the decor, it was bright and full of fun pop art. The vibe was party or club-like and people were having fun. I can see this being a really cool place to get your hair done or shop for beauty products. Lots of neon and shiny silver. I’m going to try and snap some pics there tomorrow. But where they really stood out is the treats they had. One of the few places to offer food in addition to wine they had an impressive display of sweets from Heaven, a bakery in Bovina, NY. They had cookies, brownies, ginger bread, and more. I had a fudge brownie and it was really stellar. The very dark fudgy kind. Possibly the fudgiest I’ve ever had! It also had a satisfying sugar crunch. The other fun thing was the illy Push Button House where they were serving up complimentary coffee and Jacques Torres Wicked Fun truffles. Mmmm… I saw Wine Cellar Sorbets again, scooping up samples next to Pastis and I got to try the Sangria flavor and their new Port flavor, they’ve really been hitting it out of the park for me. Every flavor is a winner!

Here are more photos of Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor since they kindly allowed me to photograph in there today. This decor matches my sensibilities exactly! They even have Murakami flower pillows on their hot pink lounge (I have the pin version).


They have a lot of mermaid dolls suspended above the rinsing area…


You can see the whole area here, complete with Hokusai inspired iridescent wallpaper!


Speaking of wallpaper, Michael Angelo designs fruit wallpaper that not only looks delicious it is scratch and sniff! It is included in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.


Here’s another interior shot. I love this place! Thanks to Kitty and Michael Angelo for your hospitality!wonderlandint.jpg