Glitter Never Fades

Last night I went out and saw the Squeezebox movie at the Tribeca Film Fest. Squeezebox was a pansexual weekly rock and roll party with great punky drag queens and go-go dancers that I went to regularly for several years at the turn of this century. The party ended in 2001 and and since then this documentary has been in production. Anyway, finally seeing it was so much fun and it was wonderful to share with my friends who had experienced the great times there with me. I definitely felt sentimental watching it and happy too. The other cool thing was that so many of the people in the movie were in the audience and the after-party with us and they were all people we used to dance with weekly. People like Michael Schmidt, Mistress Formika, Miss Guy, Lily of the Valley, Jayne County, Deborah Harry, Justin Bond, Michael T, John Cameron Mitchell, Theo, Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and so many more were all there and performed at the after-party. We got comped in, we used to always get comped at Squeezebox when it was going, it’s nice to be treated as a “regular” even at a party that’s been gone for 7 years! It was so great to see Debbie Harry, she sang X Offender (my fave Blondie song) and looked amazing in a tight pink dress). I will love her and all of these performers forever! Definitely a sentimental time, but so much fun. I also happen to be in the movie for about 3 seconds of footage total and there is a great segment with my friend Mr. Tim (a wonderful friendship which I owe to Squeezebox) showing the Squeezebox comic which I did the cover for. So i felt part of the “history” as it were. I’m not sure how people who weren’t a part of it will feel about the movie, but I enjoyed it.