Hello Hello I’m back again!

I know. I’ve been remiss in blogging of late. Partially because my site was malfunctioning slightly, so I just wanted to keep the updates mainly about events and news. Now that it’s fixed I aim to return to some more frivolous blogging. I also plan to post a lot more artwork and works in progress so you can see what I’m up to.


Things I’m currently into: BBC America. I’ve grown obsessed with Doctor Who (LOVE David Tennant), Torchwood (took some time to grow on me but I love it now), and The Mighty Boosh.


The Boosh has been an obsession for over a year now and BBC America is showing it at 1am on Friday nights. Vince Noir is awesome! Also I like Hex. So, suddenly it seems I have a favorite channel.

Also catching Yo Gabba Gabba (funny clip in link) on Kids on Demand / Nickelodeon. Totally excellent kids show. One of the creators is also the singer of The Aquabats (who Matt and I have been longtime fans of). Yo Gabba Gabba is very dance oriented with lots of songs and the music is great, the visuals strongly remind me of the old Japanese show Kure Kure Kure Takora. That’s a good thing! Even if you don’t have kids you’ll like it.

I’m currently reading Ubik by Philip K Dick. It’s riveting!