My new comic “She Does What?!” now on!


Hi everybody!
I know you haven’t heard from me in a while. I’ve been basking in the glow of my Lulu Award and working away on some new projects.
One of them is a comic, “Lost in the Desert”, part of a projected series called “She Does What?!” inspired by the many great women and girls I know. While I was on tour with my graphic novel, Tough Love, I got to reconnect with various girlfriends across the country. Many of them lead very interesting lives and have non-traditional interests. I wanted to do some comic stories inspired by them and the first one, about my friend Mayumi, who rides motocross, flies helicopters, and is a talented musician, debuted on today!

You may recall I had a comic there way back about getting my driver’s license called Car Trouble, it’s still in the archives if you want to check it out too. Another Lulu winner, Rachel Nabors, has many great strips on too so be sure to check her stuff out as well as Lauren Weinstein’s comics which were recently collected in her awesome book Girl Stories. Not to mention the many other great cartoonists on there. It’s great to be in such talented company!