MoCCA Art Fest and Hanley’s pics!

What a fun weekend! The signing at Jim Hanley’s was great (I love that store) and it was wonderful seeing all the other cartoonists as usual. Kudos to Ivan Velez for getting another cool event together! Then the MOCCA Art Fest, which is pretty much the main comix event of the year in my opinion. Great crowd, as usual, and so many talented folks! My minis were popular and I got a lot of positive feedback on Tough Love. All the touring has paid off, people have really been noticing the write-ups I’ve been getting as well as the great job on distribution Manic D Press does. I’ve gotten reports of Tough Love sighted in bookstores everywhere! Here are some pics from Hanleys and one of Alison Bechdel and I at MoCCA. It’s been so great talking with her at the events I’ve attended the past year. This has been a very special year for comics and Fun Home is a big part of that! Also, the anthology Life Meter 2 that Matt and I are in sold out on Saturday! Woo-hoo! It’s got so many great people in it and is helmed by Zack Giallongo, Dave Roman, Stephanie Yue. Awesome people all-around!