BEA was fun!

I had a great time at Book Expo hanging out at the Manic D Press booth. We were in a cool spot between Small Beer Press (with very talented and sweet author Kelly Link) and Feral House, which puts out great rock and roll and underground books. I was pleasantly surprised by how many comics people were there and got a lot of great new books to take home. My “to read” pile is really towering now! It was very different from the comic conventions since it’s business only, no sales and no fans, all pros. Pretty much everybody there is in the book biz, buyers, sellers, publishers, librarians, agents, etc. That made it less crowded and insane than a comic con (and also no costumes for the most part), but it was still very busy. I would definitely go again. The best part of course was all the free books, they flowed like water! Free books! Yes! Though getting home was a challenge with a giant heavy bag of books T_T