APE was great!

San Franciso was amazing as usual and APE was a lot of fun. The best part was seeing friends like Shannon O’Leary and Larry Brown who I could not have survived the trip without! Other amazing parts were getting to hang out with Jennifer Joseph at the Manic D booth and the reading I did at a high school. (My first high school reading!)
The reading at the 3 Dollar Bill cafe was a great time too. So many talented  cartoonists! I feel so proud to be included with such great talent! The panels I participated in were amazing too. Top notch!
The other great part was Matt made it in and we had some time for sight seeing. Larry drove us all over (thanks again Larry) and we saw sooo much in so little time. A totally amazing trip! Highlights include China Town, Little Tokyo, burritos, the great comic shops Comic Relief and Isotope, 826 Valencia (a pirate store and writing center for kids), Dog Eared Books. Also the natural beauty Larry took us to see like the Marin headlands. We got an amazing night view at a high point. I also need to recommend two really great breakfast places St. Francis Fountain and Candy and Boogaloos (though I hear it’s tough to get into that one on weekends).
Here are some pics from the trip!