How Soon Is Never by Marc Spitz

This book is a good follow-up to Hairstyles of the Damned since both cover the story of awkward, punk, male adolescence. Though this one covers it in flashback. The main character is a burnt-out music writer. Joe Green is an ex-junkie who floats through his NYC life in a drunken haze reviewing cds and sleeping with random girls. Suddenly he falls in love with a girl at his magazine and finds she shares a passion for The Smiths. They were the band that saved his life in high school and broke his heart when they disbanded. Soon Miki and Joe are on a personal and professional mission to track down The Smiths and convince them to reform. They represent a return to purity for Joe, who has long felt lost and dirty. Since the author Marc Spitz is a journalist for Spin, it’s obvious he writes what he knows. I liked it!