Cartoonists gone wild on the East Coast!

I’m still in recovery from our wild weekend! Shannon and I met up on Friday and headed right on over to Bluestockings for our reading there. It’s a really great radical activist bookstore and has loads of interesting books as well as a kind staff and yummy cafe options. We did a slide reading and they probably had the biggest screen I’ve encountered so far. It’s great seeing the art so big! (sorry no pics, I forgot my camera that night, doh!)
Pet Noir contributors Fly and Joan Reilly showed up as well as some other sweet friends and fans. You can see Fly’s portrait of me as seen in her amazing book, Peops, here! Later Shannon and I went out dancing WAY to late considering we had an early bus ride to DC the next morning, but it was totally worth it.

We had three Greyhound rides planned for two days. It’s cheap and you also see a lot of different kinds of people. A major adventure!
We were waiting for the DC bus to board and a guy in line behind us lay face down on the Port Authority floor, not really a place you want to put your face. He didn’t appear homeless or dirty, just not so picky about where he lays down I guess. Even stranger, I saw him on the bus later lying on the bus floor under a family’s feet. Weird. We watched movies on Shannon’s laptop including Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Times Square, and my Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains bootleg. Kind of a wild rock n’ roll girls in trouble marathon I guess.
In DC Shannon’s dad met us and we got checked in to our hotel. Then we went straight to Georgetown for our signing at Big Planet Comics. Pet Noir contributor Ben Claasen joined us and we had fun with him and his gf Kim too. They had some good cat accessories as well. Peter was super-nice and we had a lot of fun and sold all the books they ordered! Also, Georgetown is a super-cute area. Historic looking buildings and loads of upscale stores and restaurants. We had dinner at Bistro Francais and got the sweet Early Bird specials. Oh yeah! Then we went to see Borat which was pretty good.

The next morning we got up early (a running theme to this tour) and ended up at the Greyhound station behind a large amount of soldiers who were all going home for the holidays. We ended up leaving 25 minutes late but thankfully made up the time since traffic was good. In Philly my friend Matt met up with us and we got to Robin’s, which is an amazing bookstore! I totally recommend it. The owner Larry is a real sweetheart! The store is 70 years old and was founded by his grandfather. One of the best things about touring is seeing the cool indy shops and this one did not disappoint. We got some amazing vegetarian Chinese food at Su Xing House and after the signing had some out of this world gelato at Capogiro which is conveniently located directly across from Robin’s. The bitter chocolate flavor was so good I almost left my body! Woo!
All in all it was a success and really fun. Thanks to all our friends and fans who showed up!