Tough Love and Pet Noir in NYC, Philly, and DC!

I’ll be making my final tour stops of 2006 Dec 15-18 in NYC, DC, and Philly! Fellow Manic D author Shannon O’Leary will be with me. Come on out and show some love! All details below…

Dec. 15, 7pm
Bluestockings Books
172 Allen Street
New York, New York 10002

Dec. 16, 3:30pm
Big Planet Comics Georgetown
3145 Dumbarton St. NW
Washington, DC 20007

Dec. 17, 3 pm
Robin’s Bookstore
108 S. 13th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Socially Relevant Comics! Pet Noir and Tough Love!
Manic D Press authors Abby Denson (creator of Tough
Love: High School Confidential) and Shannon O’Leary
(editor of Pet Noir: A Comic Book Anthology of Strange
but True Pet Crimes) will be signing their graphic
novels! Don’t miss this chance to gab with the authors
about comics and their amazing power to entertain as
well as help people (and animals)!

Pet Noir: A Comic Book Anthology of Strange but True
Pet Crimes
This entertaining (and informative) comics collection
grabs traditional noir storytelling by its tail and
takes the reader on an illustrated ride that explores
America’s obsession with true crime in a darkly
comedic approach that raises awareness about animal
welfare issues. Pet Noir is a perfect read for
true-crime fans, pet lovers, animal rights and welfare
activists, vegans, and graphic novel aficionados.
Featured artists include Andy Ristaino, Lev Yilmaz,
Trevor Alixopolous, John Isaacson, August Bournique,
Ben Claassen III, Bitter Pie, Fly, Fred Einaudi, Lark
Pien, Eric Koepfle, Melanie Lewis, Jen Feinberg, Joan
Reilly, MariNaomi, N8 Van Dyke, Paul Musso, Peter
Conrad, and Ric Carrasquillo.

“Shannon O’Leary and the artists behind Pet Noir bring
gentle life to the often-strange intersections of
animal cruelty, our criminal justice system, and the
roles played by the media and our own cultural
conditioning in responding to crimes involving
animals. The always eye-opening result is at turns
unexpected, tragic, and downright bizarre. The Animal
Legal Defense Fund is grateful for the creative light
they shine on these important issues.”
-Lisa Franzetta, Animal Legal Defense Fund

Tough Love: High School Confidential

Inspired by shounen-ai manga — melodramatic Japanese
comics by girls about gay boys Tough Love is a teen
romance and coming-out story about a shy boy named
Brian. More realistic than Japanese manga, this story
centers on the relationships Brian develops with
Chris, the boy he likes, and Julie, the girl who
befriends him. Serious issues like gay bashing,
suicidal thoughts, and coming to terms with one’s own
sexual identity are depicted with an honest, gentle
touch. Socially relevant, fun, immediately accessible,
and a bit of a soap opera, Tough Love helps gay
teenagers to become more comfortable with themselves
and less troubled, especially when they’re feeling
alone and misunderstood.

“Denson’s jagged illustration evokes a punk rock
aesthetic that harkens back to the anti-establishment
sentiment of adolescence… the first book to combine
the cute guys of yaoi manga with the American
sensibility of gay pride.” — Publishers Weekly

“An uplifting story, it does not ignore the real
hostilities one encounters… Tough Love is highly
recommended for its thought-provoking journey.”
—Library Journal