I just wanted to write a letter of thanks to people who helped me make the Tough Love tour stops a success! I’d been meaning to write a while ago, but things piled up and now seems like an appropriate time to do this.
The amazing thing about the West Coast tour was how perfectly it all went. A two week West Coast tour with 8 city stops with no problems whatsoever. I never got lost, got sick, missed a train or plane, or was ever disappointed by the service I received or any of the people I met along the way.
In fact, the tour (which is still ongoing in the East Coast, where I continue to receive amazing support) gave me a more optimistic outlook on people and the world in general. So many people came out of the woodwork to help me. Old friends and new and even perfect strangers offered me places to stay, 6 am rides to train stations and airports, gorgeous silkscreen posters, press coverage, dinners, personalized cake, and best of all; their friendship, support, and company. And I can’t forget to thank my family, Manic D Press, and my workplace where I’ve found so much encouragement.
In a world where every day there’s something in the news to make us feel bad about the state of humanity, it’s so good to see the beauty of people every day. People who are willing to give and share and take joy in art together. It’s very special and I’ll never forget it. I only hope that I can one day repay all the kindness that has been shown to me this year.
So once again: Thanks from the bottom of my heart!