Ah, NYC!

Earlier this week, I had one of those NYC nights. First a MOCCA event on female cartoonists featuring Raina, then I ran across town to Dame Darcy‘s signing of The Illustrated Jane Eyre (which looks amazing!). On the way there, while waiting for a traffic light to change I found myself next to Simon Lebon of Duran Duran. He was with some friends heading into the Angelika for a movie. After Darcy’s signing (great to see her as usual) I had a quick bamboo and tofu dish at a tiny Thai restaurant on Carmine St. and headed home. Nights like that are a reminder of why I love NY. All the culture and the chance of seeing people who affected your life in ways even as a child (though I was more of a John Taylor fan than Simon). I’ve seen so many of my icons here and met quite a few. It’s special to be in a place with that energy and possibility all around. Plus the good food ^_^