P.A.N.I.C. and Manganext!

I had a crazy comix-filled weekend and it was a blast! Last night Matt and I exhibited our comics at the awesome Punk and Independent Comics show at Bowery Poetry Club. We got to sell comix, meet new people, see old friends, and experience some rock and roll! Check out these pics!

We got to see the always awesome World War IX and The Shades whose lamp shade gimmick was hilarious!

Then today I checked out Manganext in NJ. I got to be on several panels and met lots of cool folks. it’s neat seeing how manga fandom is growing and evolving. It’s also just exciting that manga has it’s own convention here! A highlight was meeting the ladies of DramaQueen, a publisher that’s bringing over some cool yaoi manga as well as some really neat Manwha (Korean comics) I really enjoyed the one called DVD by Kye Young Chon. It’s just got a really interesting, funny, story and art style. Plus a punk boy character. Yeah!