Farewell Vancouver, BC!

What a great place! I definitely would like to come back here someday. The airport here is also fairly arty. It has art exhibits sprinkled throughout. Also (thankfully) hotel tax refund forms. The hotel tax is really high. I can’t believe the tour is about over already. I’d been anticipating it for so many months it’s strange to have actually done it now. I feel really accomplished, I had been worried I may get a cold or some other snafu but things have gone as smooth as possible. Regular doses of airborne and judicious use of antibacterial lotion have helped keep me well. Also, trying to get plenty of sleep and avoidance of fast food has helped me along for sure. It can be done! One can come out of San Diego Con, go straight into a 2 week tour with 8 stops and NOT get sick. That in itself is a big accomplishment. Add to that all the great people I met, books I signed, sights I’ve seen, press I got, and it was 100% worth all the planning and effort!