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La fun

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

On my ‘day off’ in LA I got to hang out a lot with Tim Fish, his friend Rich, and Mayumi. I would never have been able to get around so well without these kind folks (and their car access) so kudos to them! After hanging out in the Santa Monica area Tim and Rich picked me up and took me over to Meltdown and A Different Light where we dropped off some books and met our event organizers. They’re nice guys and it looks like everything is set up for us. Meltdown made some cool flyers that they inserted in our books on the shelves and A Different Light had a nice big poster in the window for the event. We had to bring more books to Meltdown because they were running low already before the event. Hopefully that’s a good sign for our turnout!
Then we got some frozen coffee drinks (the weather is realllly hot!) and Rich took us to a graveyard where Marilyn Monroe is as well as some other famous folks like Natalie Wood and Bob Crane. Marilyn’s mausoleum section had loads of lipstick kiss-marks all over it as well as pennies and flowers. Very Hollywood.


Then we hung out at Rich’s for a while until Mayumi got me and we had dinner at a cool vegetarian friendly Chinese place called Mao’s Kitchen. Very good! Then she took me back to my friend Chrys’s place where I’m staying the next few days. There are 2 cats and 2 birds here (and there are 2 dogs at Mayumi’s). I’m getting to meet lots of new animals!

On Air America Radio!

Monday, July 24th, 2006

I got up at 7am to be ready for the KCTC 1320 Am radio interview at 8am. It’s the Sacramento affiliate of Air America Radio and I was very excited to be interviewed by Scott and Sims for their morning show. The interview went well and I called some of my East Coast family and friends with instructions on how to tune in on the computer. It worked. Hurray for technology! They will be sending me mp3 files of it so it will be posted here in the future. Yay! Then Mayumi took me to this great diner called Swingers. They had agave nectar on all the tables as opposed to honey.

Very California. Now I’m hanging in Santa Monica and ready for a ‘day off’ hanging out with my friends. Then it’s off to Hollywood!

Third day of SDCC

Monday, July 24th, 2006

Sunday was pretty mellow in comparison to the other days. I slept in a tiny bit and got to the con by 1:30. Of course there was packing and checking out to contend with as well as later on helping take down the Prism booth. I signed the last few hours at the booth and we sold almost all the copies I brought for the event. Yay! Mr. Tim came down again and helped break down the booth. He’s so cool ^_^ Then I got a ride with genius artist Tim Fish and his friend up to Santa Monica. It took about 3 hours. Lots of traffic, which is unfortunately typical for that kind of drive. I arrived at my good friend Mayumi’s place (She drummed in my college band, The Girlymen!) a bit after 11 and was ready to crash out!

Tough Love interview on Air America 7/24 8am!

Monday, July 24th, 2006

I know it’s short notice, but if you’re in range of Air America’s Sacramento affiliate (KCTC 1320 AM) I’ll be interviewed on the Scott & Sims show about my graphic novel Tough Love at 8 am. Check it out!

Saturday at Comicon

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

Saturday was great. It was totally mobbed, but I was ready. I relaxed at the hotel after breakfast then headed over around 12:30. I got time to look around a bit before my signing at the Prism comics booth. I stopped by the Oni booth (where I photographed the Sidescrollers poster)


Giant Robot, visited Dave, Raina, and John. Also said hi to Jim Balent and Holly G.hollyg.jpg

I saw Glenn Danzig hanging out at their booth on Friday (!). While I was signing at Prism’s booth I was right next to the Top Cow booth where Seth Green had a signing and he was less than 3 feet from me. He even turned to me, smiled and waved. Eee! But the line in front of him was so long there was no way I could actually get in there to say hi and maybe give him a copy of Dolltopia T_T It was really cool anyway, he seems like a nice guy. I also made an effort to take a few costumed photos.


Then of course I went to see the Brisco County Jr. panel with Bruce Campbell. The line was outrageous! It’s definitely better to see him when he’s touring bookstores than at a convention where EVERYBODY wants to see him. Still it was fun and I got an inflatable Brisco County Jr. hobby horse. Weird swag! There was a fan with an incredibly accurate Ash costume there too.


Anyway, Bruce was great as usual. He really knows how to handle fans in Q&A sessions. Then I went to the Gays in Comics panel which I got to be on with Andy Mangels, Gail Simonson, Greg Rucka, Phil Jiminez, Patty Jeres, and Marc Andreyko. It was really well attended and In the Life TV was taping it! The panel went well and was also really moving. Phil actually got us a bit weepy there.


Afterwards a teenage fan came up and had me sign his copy of Tough Love, telling me it really touched him. Experiences like that make the whole trip worth it!

Then I went out with Mr. Tim to dinner at an Irish pub, I think Matt would have liked it a lot. They had good potato leek soup and Bailey’s Irish cream cheesecake. Yum! Then back to the hotel to socialize a tad at the Hyatt bar and then pass out again.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Sorry I can’t be with you today. Have a great one!

Breakfast at Cafe 222

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Breakfast at Cafe 222 is a San Diego tradition with Sean and Jenn and as usual the food was delicous. I got a spinach and cheddar scramble, Sean got eggs Italia, and Jenn got the famed peanut butter French toast (as featured on Bobby Flay). Oooh! What a cute place!

cafe 222
Next it’s off to the Con for Saturday, the biggest day. I’m looking forward to Bruce Campbell’s panel and of course my own! Also I promise more pics from the con floor today. I forgot to bring my camera inside yesterday. Whoops! Also, it’s really hot out. Phew!

Big gay dinner

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

After relaxing at the Hyatt with Sean, Jenn, and my good friend Mr. Tim we headed over to the Big Gay Dinner at an excellent Persian restaurant. We got to hang with Elin Winkler and Chris Butcher among many other great folks. Lots of fun!

abbyelin.jpgganghyatt.jpg abbytim.jpg

Then we got back to the Hyatt where I fell asleep. Hard.

First day of the con!

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

I arrived pretty beat from the plane ride and cabbed it on over to the Hyatt. There was a lot of congestion traffic-wise but we made it OK. Awesome writer and DJ Sean met me and brought me to our lovely room. I’m sharing with him and Jenn Keating (as per our usual San Diego Con tradition). After a brief rest we headed down to the Convention Center (mobbed with geeks of course!). ^_^

Some of the first people I saw were Larry Brown (genius artist behind my tour poster) and Elin Winkler and the Radio Comix crew, very cool.

After making the rounds a bit I worked at the Prism booth which was really fun. I got to chat with Chynna Clugston briefly about how she’ll be drawing one of my Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi stories. Awesome! The best was meeting Jen Van Meter and Greg Rucka. Such nice people!

Waking up at 3:40 am

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Sucks! Just as you’d expect. Too bad this was the only flight I could get that would get me in to San Diego when I wanted. My body totally rejects the concept of movement after only 3 hours of sleep, but move I do. I haven’t been to Laguardia in about a year. It’s just like I remembered, of course. I saw the workers of the Au Bon Pain bringing in the morning delivery of bread and it was all being X-rayed at the security check in. I hadn’t realized all airport food was X-rayed. Yum! Irradiated crossaints! This is my first time traveling with a laptop and I was surprised that they had me take it out of the bag to be X-rayed separately. I have a feeling I’ll be learning a lot about this handy ibook as I travel. Speaking of which…

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Tekserve is my unofficial sponsor for the blogging of this tour and also for my slide show. If it wasn’t for the wonderful and knowledgable people at Tekserve you would not be reading this or witnessing my exciting slide shows (run off of my ipod photo) and that’s no joke. Go there for all your Mac needs, you won’t be sorry.
Also, my Uncle Irwin’s frequent flyer miles have really helped make planning this tour easier. Thank you Irwin!
Anyway, I’m sitting in Laguardia waiting for them to board the plane. Too bad they charge for wifi here. So I’ll be uploading this at the next chance. The hunt for free wifi is on!