Late night Yakisoba and Portland punx

After Comic Relief Larry took me out to Kinokuniya Plaza (SF’s Little Tokyo) and we had a late dinner at a great okonomiyaki place. I had yakisoba and a California roll. That place really reminds me of Tokyo, they have a lot of great food sculptures in the restaurant windows and I really like those. I got back and packed to prepare for the morning flight to Portland. Larry graciously drove me to the airport early this morning (what a doll!). The flight was short and uneventful (thank goodness!).

The Portland airport is the most new age airport I’ve ever seen! It was all carpeted in soothing green tones and they had a harpist and an acoustic guitar player there adding to the gentle vibe. I liked it! My friend Jen (who was in my first all-girl punk band back when we were 16) and her boyfriend Brian picked me up in a PT Cruiser and we had a blast catching up. I got to see their place and their motorcycles (they are total gearheads and drive trucks for a living!).


They took me to a cool place called Vita Cafe where I had a Tofurkey Florentine. It’s a very vegan friendly place, there are lots of vegans here for sure! In Portland the houses are all really cute, people decorate the outside in all kinds of funky ways and they all have really good gardens and green spaces. It’s just gorgeous! Jen and Brian drove me all over we saw Downtown and they took me out to the mountains and waterfalls. I took some pics of Latourell Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Chanticleer Point. I even saw some Bald Eagles in a nest. This is my first bit of nature on tour and it was a welcome sight! The Pacific Northwest really lives up to all the hype in the natural beauty department.


Then they dropped me off at the B&B I’m staying at which is a great old wooden house from 1910. It also has wifi. Woo-hoo! I passed out for a while then headed out to Powells on Hawthorne where I’m doing my event at tomorrow. The people there are very nice and I’m looking forward to it for sure. Then I went to a restaurant called Vege Thai and had a nice healthy dinner. Across the street was a wacky and cool store called Dollar Scholar. A dollar store, but more interesting than most with very friendly staff. Lots of toys and gags. Now I’m back at the B&B listening to a good radio station that’s playing The Tubes and The Buzzcocks so far. Yeah! Jen and Brian say it’s pretty quiet here at night and it’s Sunday, so no late-night events for me today. I have a feeling I’ll be very rested tomorrow!