Dim Sum, sea lions, crazy puppets, and Comic Relief!

I had the most amazing day touring the city with Jennifer and her daughter. We went to Chinatown for dim sum. The Chinatown here is huge! Then we went to the waterside and saw some very lazy sea lions lolling about. You can see the Golden Gate bridge in the foggy background here.


Then we went to the amazing Musee Mecanique which is a museum full of old coin operated games. Really old! Lots of old fortune tellers and player pianos, puppet shows and love meters. They all worked and we went to town with some quarters! Check out my fortune from one of the machines:
“A tidal wave of new experiences are fast coming your way. Don’t be swept away by them. In time, you will have great joy, but in the meantime, be rather light hearted, and don’t let things get the best of you.” Spooky!

Then after a short rest we went on to Comic Relief for my next signing. This was more of a party/signing then presentation and I had lots of fun. The owner, Rory was very cool, my pal Larry came out, the Manic D crew was there. Very cool! I also met another library professional and a writer. It seems everybody in the SF area is a famous writer, rock star, drag queen, or librarian. Cool town! Now it’s on to Portland!