Reading at Modern Times

The Modern Times reading went great! This was the first time I’ve done the reading “old school” because their TV didn’t have the right inputs for my slides. It ended up fine anyway and the audience actually got a longer reading than the previous ones. We handed out copies of the book for people to follow along. It was the most star-studded event yet with my fave author Alvin Orloff, art stars Jennifer Blowdryer and Moonshine Shorey (Mr. Lower East Side 2005!) and Bucky Sinister in attendance. They are all published by Manic D too so it was a cool community feeling, especially since publisher Jennifer Joseph was there. The local cartoonist crowd showed up as well, represented by Shannon O’Leary (who has an upcoming Manic D book, Pet Noir), Jason Shiga, and Lev. Cool! “Civilian” attendees included a sweet lady from the SF Library system, a teacher, and a guy from the Japanese Society. I really enjoyed speaking with everybody during and after the presentation. Excellent mix of people! Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t so great for pictures but here’s one of me on the podium.


There was also wine and snacks. Plus yummy chocolate cake!
Afterwards we went to a vegan restaurant called Herbivore where I ate a lentil loaf with beet sauce. Pretty good^_^ Larry stopped by too. It’s great to have the opportunity to eat healthy on the road. An amazing night!