A day on Valencia

I slept really hard after all of last night’s excitement and when I eventually got out I took the MUNI bus down to Valencia by way of Mission. The cool thing about most of these buses is that they’re electric and use cables. Very eco-friendly. However most of them were crazy crowded, much more-so than the NYC buses I’ve been on. Maybe I was just on during a busy time. I checked out some sweet bookstores on Valencia like Modern Times (where my signing is), Dog-Eared, and Borderlands Books. Borderlands had the most adorable bookstore cat. It’s a sphinx (hairless) cat named Ripley and she was sooo cuddly she sat on my lap and loved being hugged.


I miss my cat so it was good getting some kitty love in. Then I went and got one of those famously good mission burritos. Delish! The weather is this amazing brisk fall-like feeling. I treated myself to an accupressure massage in one of those Chinese walk-in places. 15 minutes for $15 ^_^ Anyway got to get ready for my signing now!