More LA fabulousness!

This morning Mayumi took me to Canter’s deli where we were delighted to get some danishes (I even won some because my receipt had a star on it!). Then we headed off to the Bongo Comics office. Home to Matt Groening’s comic creations. Editor Terry Delegeane was so welcoming and we had a wonderful time meeting everybody involved with creating the great Simpsons comics. Definitely a trip highlight. Then we checked out the Giant Robot stores where I picked up a zine called Henry & Glenn Forever. Very funny stuff. We then had a delicious Japanese bento lunch at Yashima and headed off to see a movie. It was too hot to do anything outdoorsy. We saw The Devil Wears Prada. Pretty cute, nothing I’d recommend, but fun.

Then we got back to West Hollywood to set up for the reading at A Different Light. We had a good turnout (all seats filled!) and lots of fun meeting the fans.

Then we went to dinner at a kabob place called Skewers. Now it’s back to bed to get ready for tomorrow. I have two signings! One at Meltdown at Noon and one at Comics Unlimited at 6. Whew!