Meltdown and Comics Universe

I’m writing this on the flight to San Francisco. I can see the desert below. Looks hot!
I hope that it’ll be much cooler weather in SF than in LA. So yesterday I started out the day getting picked up by Tim Fish and his friend Rich. We had breakfast across the street from Meltdown then headed there for set-up. Meltdown is a lovely store and they got a pretty good crowd of walk-ins since it was Wednesday (new comic day). Surprisingly, in addition to the locals who came by, a few people from New York came in to say hi, including a girl who lives in my building. She just happened to be in town and picked up a copy of Tough Love. She’s also an author and it was cool to catch up with her. Tim had a bunch of fans come in who already had copies of his books to sign and also stocked up on his latest. For lunch I ordered noodles from Toi (the rock n’ roll Thai restaurant). Yum! They should totally open a branch in NYC.

Then directly after the Meltdown signing I parted ways with Tim (who I had a blast doing events with) and was picked up by comic writer extraordinaire Jesse McCann to head up to Comics Unlimited (his wife Nancy’s store) in Westminster.
Comics Unlimited totally rolled out the red carpet for me! The store had a great Tough Love display window and they really shocked me by unveiling a Tough Love cake! It was pretty AND delicious!

cucake.jpgcu1.jpgcudisplay.jpgI signed books for some people who were at San Diego Con and heard me on the Gays in Comics panel as well as see my old friend Sherman, which was great too. I did the presentation and it was met with a very positive response. All in all a great event! Then Nancy and Jesse (and his son also named Jesse ^_^) graciously took Mayumi and I out to dinner at a cool restaurant called the Lazy Dog Café. I’m really going to miss Mayumi and Chrys. Without them my LA stay would have been so much more difficult do. Major kudos go to them. Also, Rich who so kindly chauffeured me around with Tim whenever Mayumi wasn’t available. You, my friends, are angels!
Now I’m Northward bound!